Jess, Jer, Pam, Will and Suzanne's trip to Maui, November 2011

Day 1: Wherein our heroes reach the land of sunshine, palm trees... and kite-flying.

Day 2: Wherein our heroes employ and admire Polynesian-design watercraft and fail to observe living creatures of the deep.

Day 3: Wherein our heroes admire molten glass and take in the views from the land's highest peak.

Day 4: Wherein out heroes make friends with aquatic life, albeit from a distance.

Day 5: Wherein our heroes meet more aquatic fauna, enjoy the sandy shores and encounter dancing locals.

Day 6: Wherein our heroes finally get up close and personal with a sea turtle, ride some more waves and visit purveyors of local art.

Day 7: Wherein our heroes are mugged by cetacean hoodlums, then explore Asian attractions before returning to their own land.