Jess & Jer’ trip to Budapset

A travelogue in six parts, of mixed quality

Late September - Early October, 2006

Map of Europe with Budapest highlighted

Jess's annual department retreat was in Budapest in 2006, and Jer was determined to come along this time (since he didn't get to go to Lisbon in 2005). We only had time for a long weekend, but we got a taste of “the Paris of the East” (well, one of them — it seems like every Eastern European capital is likened to Paris).

This particular Paris of the East differs from its French counterpart largely in the distinct Ottoman influence in the architecture, and its denizens’ utter acceptance of the fact that you don't actually speak their native tongue at all. They do share a certain kinship in sidewalk culture, though.

2006-09-29, Day 0
Wherein Jess wanders around Budapest, and fails to write a word about it.
2006-09-30, Day 1
Wherein Jer arrives in Budapest and proceeds to take pictures and write a journal entry, and Jess sits in a conference room.
2006-09-31, Day 2
Wherein our heroes are reunited, and meet a dead guy's skull and a mountain of marzipan.
2006-10-01, Day 3
Wherein our heroes make their obligatory zoo trip, locate the secret Holy Missile Silo, and become moist.
2006-10-02, Day 4
Wherein out heroes visit unusual religious sites of every major non-asian religion, and remoisten themselves.
2006-10-03, Day 5
Wherein nothing happens.