Here are a few pictures from our trip to Argentina with our friends Karen and Dennis. Argentina is vast and nine days is barely enough to scratch the surface, so we concentrated on Buenos Aires and the North (Iguazu Falls to the east and Salta province to the west). On our next visit to Argentina, we'll head south to Patagonia...

paraminibutterflyiguazunp_small.jpg coatiiguazunationalpark_small.jpg capuchinmonkeyiguazunationalpark_small.jpg toucansiguazunationalpark_small.jpg
puppysaltaprovince_small.jpg wilddonkeysaltaprovince_small.jpg culpeoandeanfoxsaltaprovince_small.jpg goatcafayate_small.jpg
llamacafayate_small.jpg firstlizardsaltaprovince_small.jpg secondlizardsaltaprovince_small.jpg kittyatrecoletacemeterybuenosaires_small.jpg
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