Jess and Jer's Trip to New Zealand
September 4-19, 2004
Contained herein are some 367 (a mere 15% of what we shot) pictures from our trip to New Zealand, as well as the journal entires that we typed up on Jer's Treo. We had loads of fun, and hope you find our chronicles inspirational, amusing, and/or helpful.
Days 0 & 1: We fly to New Zealand, and a day mysteriously vanishes during our flight.
Day 2: We arrive in Auckland and take the ferry to Waiheke Island.
Day 3: We visit Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World and Antarctic Encounter. We also procure a fleece for Jess.
Day 4: We go to Rotorua and toured a bit, then go to the Tamaki Maori village for a concert and hangi.
Day 5: We tour Rotorua some more.
Day 6: We play some mini-golf, go to Wellington, look at some flora, and find the long way to Brooklyn.
Day 7: We visit Te Papa, then take the ferry to the South Island, where we are inadvertantly exposed to the World of Wearable Arts festivities.
Day 8: We travel to Awaroa National Park and walk around on the beaches.
Day 9: We fail to go sea kayaking (grumble) and wander around Abel Tasman National Park.
Day 10: We fail to go sea kayaking (grumble) again and fail to become stranded in Able Tasman National Park. And see a really cool sunset.
Day 11: We witness hydronamic wonders and cross deadly chasms. And see a double-rainbow.
Day 12: We wander around Christchurch, and then we go to the zoo.
Day 13: We don't quite make it to Te Anau, instead going to Queenstown and hanging about.
Day 14: We visit the majestic beauty of Doubtful Sound.
Day 15: We do an inordinate amount of shopping around Queenstown and Christchurch.
Day 16: We go home, discovering a Lost Day.