Shaolin Basic Techniques


This is a list of the techniques taught in level 1 classes at the USA Shaolin Temple. It is intended as a glosssary, not as a way to learn the techniques. The pictures have been chosen primarily for their illustrative value, not for bein the ideal perfection of the technique. Note that these techniques are mostly not fighting techniques, they are mostly designed to develop sxplosive power and flexibility.

The Techniques


Gongbu Bow stance
Mabu Horse stance
Xubu Seated stance Sometimes called empty stance?
Tsabu Crossed stance
Xiebu Half-crossed seating stance
Pubu Crouched stance
Zuopan Seated-crossed stanced
Dingbu T-shaped stance


Tuizhang Pushing palm strike
Chongquan Fist punch


Caijiao Front Slap Kick
Lunbi caijiao Front slap kick with arm rotation
Zhengtitui Front flex kick
Waibaitui Outside cresent kick From outside in
Lihetui Inside cresent kick From inside out
Cetitui Side kick upwards with arms
Zhengtantui Front snap kick Often combined with tuizhang or chonquan


Ceshoufan Cartwheel
Fanyao Turning torso around waist
Yangshen yunshou Layered rotating arms while leaning back followed by turning tilted torso and arm strike Sword movement — but no sword
Pubu chuanzhang lunbi zaquan Crouched stance followed by arm rotation & hammering fist


Tantiao Spring jump
Erqjiau Two-seven jump Caijiao then leap and two caijiaos in the air
Shuangtui quxitiao High crouched jump Knees up
Tengkong holiaitui High jump swinginng legs backward Arched back
Tengkong fanyao High jump w/torso turning over waist


Chugi quanto Basic stance form
Yiluquan First basic form
Erluquan Second basic form

Update history

2005-07-20 — Fixed gongbu picture, it was acvtually a picture of a stance similar to gongbu from er-lu-quan (thanks Heng Fa!)

2005-06-30 — Added a bried introduction, removed yanshi pingheng (no longer taught), and added some missing g's (thanks Heng Da!)