Freelance Work

Smith-Thompson | Web Site

Smith-Thompson, a small online.catalog retailer, needed a new web site. Their old site was unreliable, hard to use, and a bear to maintain. They had chosen a new service provider, but provider's store templates were near-unusable. That's when Smith-Thompson called me. I helped them bring order to their product line, and designed a clear, simple navigation system to go with it. I created a visual style for their site that communicated the business’ values. I designed and built tools to help the owners maintain the site. I rebuilt their providers’ pages to match my design, do more, and work faster and more securely.

Jessica Thompson / Jeremiah Blatz | Wedding Web Site

I am designing and building a web site for our upcoming wedding. The site was referenced on our "save the date" collateral materials, and is the primary way for guests to find out about the wedding.

ProductSoft | Expert Analysis

Performed an expert analysis off ProductSoft's upcoming project management software.

MAYA Projects

Here is a sampling of projects I worked on while at MAYA Design. Due to my NDA, I am restricted in the details I give out about these projects.

3RC | Greenmap

Leadership role: web development
Supporting roles: interface design, information architecture, a smattering of Java


Supporting roles: font production, MS Office wizardry

ADT | Expressway

(ADT was purchased by Manheim)
Supporting roles: user testing, hardware and software prototyping, systems integration

AXENT Technologies

(AXENT, maker of NetProwler and IntruderAlert, was purchased by Symantec)
Leadership roles: interface design, information architecture, user modeling

CoManage | Various Projects

Leadership roles: interface design, project management
Supporting role: visual design

DARPA | Visage (various projects)

Leadership roles: interface design, information architecture, database design, security architecture, software development
Supporting role: user testing

Dun & Bradstreet | Various Projects

Leadership role: web design Supporting role: contextual analysis

Pittsburgh Filmmakers | Muybridge360

Leadership roles: project management, systems integration, system architecture, optics design
Supporting roles: windows programming, industrial design, electronics design and production, print production

Fiserv | Web Terminal Prototype

Leadership roles: web development, JavaScript magic

GTE Laboratories | Message Depot

Leadership roles: interface design, user modeling Supporting roles: web development, java software design

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Supporting role: web production

O'Reilly Theater | Dynamic Information Environment

Leadership role: Conceptual design, optics design
Supporting roles: contextual analysis, industrial design, interface design

Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse | Personal Universal Controller

Leadership role: video production and post-production

PNC Bank | Various Projects

Leadership roles: project management, web programming, web design, web production, information architecture
Supporting roles: user testing, information architecture, visual design


Leadership roles: project management, electronics prototyping, software prototyping, interface design, user profiling, user testing