Day 3

It was surprisingly easy to get up, perhaps because we knew Erik's famous french toast was waiting for us. We quickly showered, dressed and headed down to coffee, smoothies, fresh fruit plates and cream cheese-and-walnut stuffed french toast topped with sauteed bananas. Wow.

Thus sated, we got ready for a bit of a hike to Medano Beach. We found our destination, Tio Sports, without much difficulty, but then tragedy struck: their Hobie Cat (the only one for rent in CSL) was washed against the buildings and broken during the storm, so sailing it was not an option for us. We were approached by a number of other shops, but nothing else really appealed to us. We walked back along the beach for a bit, then headed back to the Marina. We stopped into a few tour companies, including Cabo Expeditions (where we learned that they had an Espiritu Santo trip rescheduled for Wednesday - yay!). The only same-day options seemed to be snorkeling along the Corridor or kayaking to Lover's Beach and/or the Arch, and for some reason none of those really appealed to us. Instead, we returned to the Bungalows, where Erik called around but didn't find any other tour options. Instead, he helped Jess book a surprise for Jer, and we decided to spend a low-key afternoon at the hotel.

All that walking must have gotten to us, because suddenly it was lunchtime. We'd seen a popular taqueria with no sign along the main street, and it seemed to be pretty well frequented by locals. Wanting to check it on TripAdvisor, Jer used Google street view but was only able to determine that it was the former site of Tacos La Perla, at which point Jess announced that it was now called Tacos Guss and was on our list of places to try. (What a team!) That settled, we braved the midday sun to get there. Jer had three corn tacos (al pastor, chorizo and tongue), while Jess had two flour tacos (al pastor and carne asada). The al pastor and the tongue were excellent (though the others were good too), and they came with a fantastic array of toppings (carrots, cucumbers, radishes, marinated onions, plain onions, cilantro, pico de gallo, lime, guacamole, chipotle salsa, hot salsa and marinated peppers). Five tasty tacos and two sodas for less than $10!

Walking back to the Bungalows was warm business, so when we arrived it was time to slip into our swimsuits and head to the pool. We splashed around for a while, enjoying the cool water, then got out to read (in Jer's case) and update this journal (in Jess's). Eventually, it was time to get ready for Jer's surprise, which (when we started to talk about what to bring) he correctly guessed to be a sunset sail!

Since we had some time to kill, we went to find MonkeyBusiness (supposedly a great little bar near the Marina). We couldn't spot it, but we found our backup, Cabo Blue (a tourist/ex-pat bar in a little plaza). Jess tried the eponymous drink (delicious, citrusy and strong) and Jer had a mojito (surprisingly good). We chatted a bit with the bartender, who told us that when she makes the bar's famous rainbow shots, they're all made in one shaker by layering the ingredients and pouring carefully. Sadly, we didn't need that many drinks; it would have been fun to watch her make it. After leaving the bar, we wandered along the water for a bit before the gate at Dock H opened and we were met by our captain from Cabo Sailing (another great use of the Los Cabos Passport).

We climbed aboard our 42' cruiser, a nice beamy boat, where we were joined by 3 other couples. After getting settled, there was a very short briefing, then we motored out past Medano Beach, then across the bay to Lover's Beach. From there we headed out past Neptune's Finger, the Arch and the sea lion colony, then around Land's End and into the Pacific. There was plenty of wind, so the crew cut the engines and raised the sails, making for a peaceful ride. We got great views of the ritzy area of Pedregal and the western coast of the Baja Peninsula, while the crew served us drinks, chips and salsa and an antipasto plate. The sunset started out mostly golden, but by the end there were lots of peaches and pinks too. It was a very calm, relaxing way to start celebrating our 10th anniversary.

Once we returned to the Marina, we decided to head to Mis Suenos for a light dinner. When we got there, though, nothing really jumped out at us and the prices seemed a bit high, so we decided to bail. Instead, we headed back toward the Bungalows, stopping for tacos at El Gran Pastor, a nighttime-only joint. (Jess had the chorizo, and Jer had the same plus al pastor). The tacos were pretty good and came with plenty of toppings, but the al pastor wasn't as good as Guss and the chorizo wasn't as good as El Conde. Still, it was cheap, easy and hit the spot!

Back at the Bungalows, Jess updated this journal while Jer played games on his phone until bedtime.