Day 7

We got up with the alarm, got ready and headed downstairs. Jess was very glad we didn't skip breakfast, as it was coffee, smoothies, fresh fruit and apple-cinnamon pancakes with pecans. Wow! We were running a little bit late, so Erik gave our guides (Sergio and Alan) coffee by the pool while they waited for us, which kept them happy.

After we got in the van, we drove over to one of the ritziest resorts, Capella Pedregal, to pick up the other couple that was coming on the Two Bay kayak-snorkel tour. We all then drove out to the tourist corridor, to Santa Maria Bay. We put the kayaks in the water there and paddled out around the point with Alan (while Sergio drove the van around), past beautiful rock formations, including a blowhole and various tiny coves. At one point, a couple of flying rays jumped out of the water, which was very cool. (Jer happened to be looking the right way and saw the whole thing; Jess just caught a glimpse of the second one before it dove back into the water.)

We paddled over to Chileno Bay, where we got out of the kayak and grabbed our snorkeling gear. The water was warm and crystal clear, so we were eager to get in. It was like being in an aquarium, because the guides carry fish food so the fish swarm around snorkelers. Sergio took us on a guided tour, showing us a brown sea urchin, a Chinese scallop, a balloon pufferfish and an eagle ray. We also saw tons of sergeant-majors, blue-bronze chubs, pompanos, surgeonfish, parrotfish (bumphead and others), triggerfish and goatfish, among others. (Again, pictures are available on this great Baja fish ID website.) It was very nice, and they gave us plenty of time to explore on our own. Eventually, though, we headed in to have water and granola bars, then we rinsed off in the outdoor shower and got back in the van to return to town.

Back at the Bungalows, we rinsed our gear, hung it to dry and got ready for our last afternoon in CSL. We headed down to Los Claros, a place recommended by the Nautilus DiveTech staff (and TripAdvisor) for fish tacos. We shared an agua fresca de jamaica (aka hibiscus, tastes a bit like cranberry but less tart), and Jer had a smoked marlin taco (yummy!) and Jess had a grilled fish taco (also yummy!), and they have a great DIY topping bar.

After lunch, we walked back down to La Nueva Michoacana for popsicles (another mango-chile for Jer, a plain strawberry for Jess). Then we popped into a little bookshop and bought postcards. The afternoon heat was pretty sweltering, so we headed back up the hill to the Bungalows, got into our suits and got in the pool. Once we'd cooled off, we dried off, chilled out by the pool, chatted with other guests, and wrote out our postcards. Pretty soon, it was time for our last night on the town.

We wandered down to Cabo Blue, stopping briefly in the Church of San Lucas (like most in Baja, it was plain and simple, but very peaceful). Once at the bar, Jer had a couple of mojitos and Jess had another eponymous Cabo Blue, plus we split a fish taco (which, while not as good as Los Claros, was significantly better than most bar food). After that, we returned to the Bungalows briefly so Jess could locate her passport, then headed to Maro's Shrimp House again for dinner. The shrimp-and-lobster combo was almost as good as before, and still a steal at $17 per person! Then it was back to the Bungalows to look at pictures, update this journal and head to bed, so we could pack and head home in the morning. :-(