This is easy, this is cheap, this is yummy.

Collect bits of chicken (rejected bits, unwanted leftovers, bones)
Collect bits of vegetables (old carrots, the tops of leeks, the tops of onions)
All of these, freeze.

Throw all of this in a large pot
Just cover with cold water
Smash some garlic, throw it in (What? Peel it? I said that this was not hard.)
Toss in some peppercorns (Or, if you must, ground pepper)
Turn on the heat, medium
Go away for a bit

Come back
Turn the heat down very, very low
Go away for a bit

Every once in a while, come back
If the water is low, add more
If the stock is nice and wonderful smelling, and all the veggies are falling to mush, continue

Turn off the heat
Pour through a strainer into a container with a lid
Put the lid on
Put in the fridge
(Optional) Wash the pot
Wash the strainer, put it in the fridge as well
Go away for a bit

Slowly, so as not to disturb the gunk in the bottom, pour the stock from the container into a similar container
Note that those nasty fat globules are mostly strained out
Put the lid on
Put in the freezer

Enjoy as needed
When thawing, boil—the better to kill any nasty microorganisms

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