Jeremiah Blatz : Personal

Vacation Pictures and Travelogs
St. Croix December 2018 (Preview)
Alsace (and a bit of Paris) October 2018 (Preview)
Sailboat Charter with Karen and Dennis, May 2018
Cozumel 2018 (Vlog)
Grand Cayman 2017 (Jess and Jer preview)
Grenada and Andalucía 2017 (Jess and Jer preview)
Switzerland 2017 (Jess and Jer Preview)
Grenada 2017 (Jess and Jer Preview)
Puerto Rico 2016 (Jess Preview)
England, Czech Republic & Italy 2016 (Jess Preview)
Barbados 2016 (Jess and Jer Preview)
Thailand & Cambodia 2016 (Preview)
Portugal & Madrid 2015 (Jess Preview)
Curacao 2015 (Jess preview)
Charleston Race Week 2015: Practive Day, Race Day 1, Race Day 2
Argentina 2015 (Jess Preview)
Greece (Crete, Santorini, Dalphi, Meteora, Athens) 2014 (Jess Preview)
Sailing St. Lucia to Grenada 2014 (Jess preview)
Cabo San Lucas 2013 (Jess preview)
Start of Leg 2 of the 2013 Atlantic Cup
Grand Cayman 2013 (Jess Preview)
Ireland 2012 (Jess Preview)
Nevada 2012 (Jer had to work)
U.S Virgin Islands 2012 (Jess Preview)
Maui 2011 (Jess preview)
Morocco, France, England, Italy and Slovenia 2011 (Jess preview)
Lousiana & Virginia Beach 2010 (Jess preview)
France & Italy 2010 (Jess preview)
Aruba 2010
Australia 2009
Chicago Fireworks, July 4 2009
Hawaii 2009
Mexico 2009
Egypt & Jordan 2008 (Jess preview)
Monaco and the French Riviera 2008 (Jess preview)
Jess and Her Mom in Paris 2008
Bahamas 2008 (Jess preview)
Barcelona 2007
Las Vegas 2007
Poland, Sweden and Russia 2007
Tanzania 2007
Budapest 2006
Japan 2006
Iceland and London 2005
New Zealand 2004
Scotland 2003 (honeymoon)

Jess went to the NY Botanical Gardens and saw lots of orchids

I saw the Jul 4 fireworks in New York in 2004

I saw William Gibson read

Ramblings on various topics

I'm getting I got married

Pittsburgh Critical Mass

Jessica's Birthday 2k